Sunday, November 9, 2014

Energy from nothing, and Nothing for energy

In my view, energy security in the future is D.I.Y. and OPEN SOURCE technology; it is about providing for one's own needs and showing others how to do the same without asking anything in return or taxing future generations' ability to survive in doing so. In the future, collecting energy for our own needs will be exactly like gardening for our own food. It will be earth friendly and you will really feel and be secure without having to pay any tolls or taxes. You will have a sense of accomplishment because you were able to generate your own power without harming anyone financially or threatening future generations' survival. Rain or shine you will have all the power you need and so will your great, great grand children.
The next time you see a pipeline add selling you energy security, keep in mind that this is the community who have also worked very hard to thwart the development of any technology that would eliminate or reduce our dependancy on oil and gas. Thwarting new technologies works on many scales but here in Canada we have technology devolution and economic bias down to a fine art form. During the last economic meltdown, industries related to oil and gas were aided by the government using our tax dollars, others, mostly in manufacturing of other unrelated goods, were left to fend on their own and many failed to make it through. In this way, economic meltdowns and strengthening our dollar are good economic mechanisms to reduce the diversity of economic activity that isn't to do with raw material exports. This is an effective way to remove the "competition" from the playing field and ensure that our country's strengths are focused on producing raw materials. To ensure that the path is clear for unfettered development there is also muzzling public scientists, removing environmental protection, defunding public broadcasting that is critical, advocacy chill through tax audit threats, secretive trade deals. It is very clear that we will push oil and gas through pipelines and burn it off regardless of the cost.
The government 's vision is to survive from the taxes generated by selling off our raw resources to foreign countries and then collecting from you and I after we buy back and consume the finished products. The lack of economic diversity and capability here at home ensures that there are fewer alternative ways to fund our public commons, we will have to capitulate in many ways to the dumbing down of our nation and exporting raw resources if we are to fund social security because we lack economic diversity. Energy security under the current leadership is about the survival and security of a the very few in the oil and gas industry at the expense of the public taxpayer, at the expense of other industries, and at the expense of the ability of future generations to survive.

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