Sunday, November 9, 2014

The birth of a new blog for NOTHING

As a great admirer of all things open and free, like UNIX for example, I feel there is a great potential for the role of NOTHING in our future.  When we create an open source piece of work, we really expect nothing although it would be nice, as was with LINUX, that it becomes a ubiquitous nothing.  LINUX was so much a nothing that Apple adopted it into their own OSX and created a gigantic thing that no one could have but them.  They took the nothing and made it something only they could have, they gave us nothing in return.  The strange reality is that our entire bodies and beings are 99.9999999...% empty space, our everything is nothing.  This is a good model of our communication with one another; 99.99999...% of our effort to communicate is empty space.

I thought I would connect a concept of UNIX with sharing empty space of words for nothing.  In UNIX, there is a special device called /DEV/NULL .  IT has a very amazing ability!  If you want to move information to a gigantic void of nothing you can copy or move your files of information to /dev/null.  Similarly if you want nothing you can copy the contents of /dev/null to your file or other device, it will gladly give you nothing!  This particular nothing is so popular that I am unable to find a devnull blog title and so I called this spinfreejournal.

I suppose that I don't trust Facebook any more to share my sweet nothings. My words are wasted there unless I pay them SOMETHING.  They put people's posts to /dev/null unless they can gain SOMETHING.  The truth is that within NOTHING is EVERYTHING.  My rantings and ravings that you may or may not read are in fact nothing, but it is my way to connect with the great void that is in fact everything.  The words I write do linger within my own sub conscious, my own nothingness.  Sometimes however, the words are highlighted by some happening or situation.  I hope that if you follow, it may provide you with a way to extract everything from nothing

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